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Pregnant Women, Contractions Apparently There Are Several Types. Come on, recognize

Pregnant women, especially those who are new to their first child, may still be confused as to what it feels like contractions. Moreover, there is more than one type of contraction with different characteristics. Come on, recognize one by one type of contraction. What are contractions like? In general, pregnant women who experience contractions will feel the stomach tighten and hard. The purpose of contractions, especially contractions just before delivery, is to prepare the birth canal for the baby's discharge. However, it turns out that not all contractions are signs that the baby will be born. Three Types of Contractions Not only contractions before labor, there are also fake contractions and early or premature contractions. Pregnant women need to recognize the following differences: 1. Braxton-Hicks contractions / fake contractions At around 4 months of pregnancy, pregnant women may feel the uterine muscle contracting irregularly. But these contractions are actually no
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Be careful, it turns out that diabetes can cause rapid senile

People with diabetes can experience various health complications if they do not routinely control blood sugar levels and monitor their health conditions. These health complications can affect various body organs, including the brain. This can make diabetics at high risk of developing dementia or senile. People who are senile or show symptoms of dementia experience a disruption in the part of the brain that causes the process of learning, remembering, thinking, and speaking to be disrupted. Alzheimer's disease is one of the most common types of dementia. Then, what does this disease have to do with diabetes? Relationship between Diabetes and Dementia Although more research is still needed, it is now known that the older the sufferer of diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes, the more risk he has of dementia. Below are some possible causes: 1. Nerve damage Diabetics are prone to experience an increase or decrease in extreme blood sugar levels due to interference with the effec

Before Choosing a Psychiatrist, Read the Guide Here First

Psychiatrists are appropriate health workers to meet when a person has a mental health disorder and needs medical care. The first important step in the treatment process is finding a psychiatrist that is right for you. Getting the right psychiatrist is very important because it affects the success of therapy. Although it takes time and patience to get the right psychiatrist, but don't worry, here you will be given guidance in choosing a psychiatrist. Difference Between Psychiatrists and Psychologists When you need a psychiatrist, don't get confused with a psychologist. Many people still distinguish between psychiatrists and psychologists. Despite their similarities, of course there are differences between these two professions. A psychiatrist is a medical expert who focuses on dealing with mental health and behavioral problems through prevention, curative and rehabilitative efforts by providing counseling, psychotherapy, and medicine. The educational background of a psyc